2010 Planting List

Planned planting for the 2010 season.

Seeds bought for the items marked (S). Seeding started for items marked (P)

Alpine Strawberries
Asparagus (S,P)
Beetroot (S,P)
Broccoli (S,P)
Brussel Sprouts (S,P)
Cabbage (S)
Carrots (S,P)
Cauliflower (S,P)
Celeriac (S,P)
Courgette (S)
Cucumber (S)
Dwarf French Beans (S,P)

Mint (S,P)
Chives (S,P)
Basil (S,P)

Horseradish (S,P)
Lettuce (S,P)
Melon (S,P)
Onions (S,P)
Peas (S,P)
Peppers (S)
Radishes (S,P)
Spring Onions (S)
Strawberries (S,P)
Swede (S)
Sweetcorn (S,P)
Sweet Potatoes - 13/02/10, germination started at home.
Tomatoes (S,P)

Companion Planting

Mixed native wild flowers (S,P)
Borage (for the bees)
Comfrey (Bocking 14, for use in composting and as a fertiliser) (S,P)


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