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Call that a pallet?

Despite the fact that erecting the shed was one of the first things I did on the plot, it’s been neglected since, and in need of a floor so I could build upwards with shelving, etc. We recently had some heavy duty pallets delivered at work, with heavy ply covers, rather than the normal softwood […]


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What a pile of poo.

How does nature know when spring has finally arrived? Clearly it does, as the lanes around here are suddenly awash with huge swathes of blossom.


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Starting to look like a real allotment.

I’m beginning to make some major progress with the plot. Yesterday turned out to be a washout, but today warmed up nicely after lunch and the late afternoon into evening was beautifully warm and thankfully still after the recent high winds. Now that things are warming up again, I’m starting to plant in earnest.


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Getting into shape.

4 days hard graft last weekend and another two this one has got my plot starting to look like it’s on the way to being ready for planting.


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9 hours of hard graft.

Got up early this morning, had a leisurely breakfast, then headed down to the plot about 9. We have a strip of land at the end of plot rows, about 10 feet deep, which is being kept clear to allow car parking. The one at the end of my strip has had the odd bit […]


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4 days of freedom.

Today was hard work. By 10am, I had that “I’m off soon, so I’ve switched off already” feeling at work and the day just dragged. The one and only good thing was that being there gave me an opportunity to pick up some more pallets to bring home.


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The big build up.

Another great day today. Had to work, but the weather was great and every time I got the chance to go outside, I didn’t want to go back in again. I’m also starting to feel like I don’t want to be at work as it’s time wasted when I could be on my plot.


March 16, 2010 · admin · One Comment
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