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The plot, Mk.2

I really need a holiday, but it’s just not feasible with what we’ve got on at work, so weekends tend to take a pretty laid back pace right now. Today, I woke about 9.30, had some breakfast, watched some dismal Sunday morning TV, then grabbed some lunch.


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The waiting game, part deux.

Here we go again. That great eager anticipation of the long awaited call from the allotment society.


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New Year. New plot dilemma.

The plots on our site are pretty large. So large that, over the years, the society has split some into 3. The resulting 1/3rd plots are still pretty big compared to most sites. My current plot is 1/3 of a full plot, at the end of a row where the other two plots remain vacant.


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Give, and ye shall receive.

At work, we get a lot of stock delivered from all around the continent on pallets, which we struggle to get rid of. A couple of local old boys come round and collect the standard Euro sized ones, which they presumably sell on. Most however are odd sizes, which neither of them ever seem to […]


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I think these may be a signs…

Boring day at work today, improved only by the weather, which is fantastically sunny at the moment. Half of me wishes it’d carry on like this forever. The other half wishes it’d chuck it down overnight, as it’s getting so dry on the allotment, I daren’t turn a spade in anger for fear of losing […]


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What a pile of poo.

How does nature know when spring has finally arrived? Clearly it does, as the lanes around here are suddenly awash with huge swathes of blossom.


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A day of decisions.

So much has changed since I first took on the plot. Not just with the land itself, but also within me. Over the weekend, I’ve finished knocking the plot into shape and now more than 3/4s is all ready for growing. I’d have done the last bit but, with the whole plot laid down to […]


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Getting into shape.

4 days hard graft last weekend and another two this one has got my plot starting to look like it’s on the way to being ready for planting.


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The big build up.

Another great day today. Had to work, but the weather was great and every time I got the chance to go outside, I didn’t want to go back in again. I’m also starting to feel like I don’t want to be at work as it’s time wasted when I could be on my plot.


March 16, 2010 · admin · One Comment
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New allotment – Day 1

Worked myself into a right state yesterday with the frustration of not being able to get onto the plot. Spent most of the day stomping around angrily cursing about the allotment company secretary not having called me back to arrange a time to meet so he could show me around. Realised during the evening that […]


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