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Sweet Potato Number 1

Growing sweet potatoes is proving to be an interesting experience. I started two tubers off in water way back in February. They took an age to show any sign of life and, initially, just one seemed to be growing. Eventually, the second one started to show shoots. Then, a couple of weeks ago, the one […]


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Call that a pallet?

Despite the fact that erecting the shed was one of the first things I did on the plot, it’s been neglected since, and in need of a floor so I could build upwards with shelving, etc. We recently had some heavy duty pallets delivered at work, with heavy ply covers, rather than the normal softwood […]


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I think these may be a signs…

Boring day at work today, improved only by the weather, which is fantastically sunny at the moment. Half of me wishes it’d carry on like this forever. The other half wishes it’d chuck it down overnight, as it’s getting so dry on the allotment, I daren’t turn a spade in anger for fear of losing […]


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Cider and rosy.

Came home from work this evening and bottled “April Fool”, the cider I started on the 1st of April.


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Quit wining.

Just over a week ago, my blackcurrant wine stopped fermenting, so I bunged a Campden tablet in and left it to settle. Checked this evening and, having racked it off a few days ago, it seems to be sediment free, so I’ve bottled it this evening.


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My new friend nature.

Sunday afternoon, whilst down on the plot, I made a new friend. Whilst digging a bed, I got buzzed by a female blackbird. I’m not sure whether she actually brushed my head with her wings, or whether it was the down draught from them that just ruffled my hair. Either way, it was a serious […]


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What a pile of poo.

How does nature know when spring has finally arrived? Clearly it does, as the lanes around here are suddenly awash with huge swathes of blossom.


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Happy but shattered.

There’s no other way to describe today’s weather than glorious. I’m the director of the management company at the flats where I live, so tend to do a bit of work keeping the grounds and driveway tidy. We’ve got an annoying earth bank at the back of the car park which, before I took on […]


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A day of decisions.

So much has changed since I first took on the plot. Not just with the land itself, but also within me. Over the weekend, I’ve finished knocking the plot into shape and now more than 3/4s is all ready for growing. I’d have done the last bit but, with the whole plot laid down to […]


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Starting to look like a real allotment.

I’m beginning to make some major progress with the plot. Yesterday turned out to be a washout, but today warmed up nicely after lunch and the late afternoon into evening was beautifully warm and thankfully still after the recent high winds. Now that things are warming up again, I’m starting to plant in earnest.


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