Give, and ye shall receive.

At work, we get a lot of stock delivered from all around the continent on pallets, which we struggle to get rid of. A couple of local old boys come round and collect the standard Euro sized ones, which they presumably sell on. Most however are odd sizes, which neither of them ever seem to […]


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Call that a pallet?

Despite the fact that erecting the shed was one of the first things I did on the plot, it’s been neglected since, and in need of a floor so I could build upwards with shelving, etc. We recently had some heavy duty pallets delivered at work, with heavy ply covers, rather than the normal softwood […]


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4 days of freedom.

Today was hard work. By 10am, I had that “I’m off soon, so I’ve switched off already” feeling at work and the day just dragged. The one and only good thing was that being there gave me an opportunity to pick up some more pallets to bring home.


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The big build up.

Another great day today. Had to work, but the weather was great and every time I got the chance to go outside, I didn’t want to go back in again. I’m also starting to feel like I don’t want to be at work as it’s time wasted when I could be on my plot.


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Wilko and out (and about)

More progress this week towards taking possession of my plot. The allotment company secretary wrote to me as promised, gave me the plot number and asked that I forward payment along with written confirmation of my acceptance. So I quickly wrote out a cheque and stopped off at his house to drop the payment off […]


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