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Give, and ye shall receive.

At work, we get a lot of stock delivered from all around the continent on pallets, which we struggle to get rid of. A couple of local old boys come round and collect the standard Euro sized ones, which they presumably sell on. Most however are odd sizes, which neither of them ever seem to […]


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Sweet Potato Number 1

Growing sweet potatoes is proving to be an interesting experience. I started two tubers off in water way back in February. They took an age to show any sign of life and, initially, just one seemed to be growing. Eventually, the second one started to show shoots. Then, a couple of weeks ago, the one […]


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What a pile of poo.

How does nature know when spring has finally arrived? Clearly it does, as the lanes around here are suddenly awash with huge swathes of blossom.


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Happy but shattered.

There’s no other way to describe today’s weather than glorious. I’m the director of the management company at the flats where I live, so tend to do a bit of work keeping the grounds and driveway tidy. We’ve got an annoying earth bank at the back of the car park which, before I took on […]


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A day of decisions.

So much has changed since I first took on the plot. Not just with the land itself, but also within me. Over the weekend, I’ve finished knocking the plot into shape and now more than 3/4s is all ready for growing. I’d have done the last bit but, with the whole plot laid down to […]


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Starting to look like a real allotment.

I’m beginning to make some major progress with the plot. Yesterday turned out to be a washout, but today warmed up nicely after lunch and the late afternoon into evening was beautifully warm and thankfully still after the recent high winds. Now that things are warming up again, I’m starting to plant in earnest.


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Sweet potato growing progress – 6 weeks in.

The way in which plants germinate never ceases to amaze me. Tomatoes spring up virtually overnight. The melon seedlings I’ve got growing on the windowsill launched into life at a staggering pace, then slowed to a crawl the second their first leaves had developed.


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New allotment – Day 1

Worked myself into a right state yesterday with the frustration of not being able to get onto the plot. Spent most of the day stomping around angrily cursing about the allotment company secretary not having called me back to arrange a time to meet so he could show me around. Realised during the evening that […]


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In at the deep end.

I’m not exactly bursting with gardening experience. I’m a director for the management company at the flats where I live, so have spent the last year tending the lawns, weeding, etc. As a kid, my parents had ambitions to go self-sufficient and I used to help out with the gardening and growing. I also spent […]


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