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The waiting game, part deux.

Here we go again. That great eager anticipation of the long awaited call from the allotment society.


February 3, 2011 · admin · 2 Comments
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Happy but shattered.

There’s no other way to describe today’s weather than glorious. I’m the director of the management company at the flats where I live, so tend to do a bit of work keeping the grounds and driveway tidy. We’ve got an annoying earth bank at the back of the car park which, before I took on […]


April 10, 2010 · admin · No Comments
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9 hours of hard graft.

Got up early this morning, had a leisurely breakfast, then headed down to the plot about 9. We have a strip of land at the end of plot rows, about 10 feet deep, which is being kept clear to allow car parking. The one at the end of my strip has had the odd bit […]


March 18, 2010 · admin · No Comments
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