New allotment – Day 1

Worked myself into a right state yesterday with the frustration of not being able to get onto the plot. Spent most of the day stomping around angrily cursing about the allotment company secretary not having called me back to arrange a time to meet so he could show me around. Realised during the evening that […]


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Growing frustration

Still not onto my plot and my stress level is beginning to rise as a result. The weather has definitely broken and I’m beginning to get more than a little nervous that the weeds on the plot will have had a major head start by the time I get to turn my first spade full […]


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Any second now….

I’ve spent the whole week hoping I’d come home in the evening to find a letter from the allotment co. with a key for the gate and some idea of how I go about finding my plot. Nothing had materialised by this morning’s post, so I dug out the letter from the secretary and re-read […]


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It finally happened.

Back in October, after a succession of phone calls, I finally managed to track down the secretary of the local allotment association. After a brief chat, he requested that I send a letter formally requesting a plot, which I duly did, then sat back and waited for a response.


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