New Year. New plot dilemma.

The plots on our site are pretty large. So large that, over the years, the society has split some into 3. The resulting 1/3rd plots are still pretty big compared to most sites. My current plot is 1/3 of a full plot, at the end of a row where the other two plots remain vacant.

Early summer last year, I contacted the allotment society secretary asking to take on the other 2 empty plots, giving me a full row about 1/5 of an acres in size.

Over the second half of the year, it became apparent that the secretary had given up his role, and that two regulars on site were now taking up the reins. Gossip abounded, with my neighbour regularly telling me "you've got the full plot", or "the bit you've been after is going to get allocated to people on the waiting list". The story seemed to change from day to day. I'd pretty much forgotten about the whole thing when rent night came and went without me hearing anything.

This week, one evening, I got a call from one of the new site managers. He explained that he'd been passed my application for a full plot and that I could either have another 1/3rd of the row I'm on or, if I preferred, I could have a full plot the other side of the lane through the centre of the site.

This has really given me more than a little bit of a dilemma. Not knowing what to make of the gossip on site, I've got on with improving my plot, fencing and preparing the ground for this season's crops.

If I take the full plot, the work I've done to date goes to waste to some extent. If I stick where I am, another tenant is going to get the last 1/3rd plot on my row, so I stand little or no chance of getting full road access to my plot. The latter point in particular is a bit of an annoyance. With a 2/3rds plot, I really need supplies like manure in bulk quantities, which I'll have to manually shift quickly. With a full plot, I can dump a trailer load on the end of my own plot and shift it around at my leisure.

If I abandon my work to date, I've got 1/5th of an acre, which gives me road access, abundant space and the freedom to do pretty much anything I might want to do. But it's a lot of space to keep on top of.

I'm mindful though that, potentially, I could have decades on the site ahead of me, so being in an ideal position is probably worth sacrificing the work I've done to date. The full plot on the other side of the lane is also more sheltered, so growing conditions may well be better. One issue I have at the moment is my neighbour has a vast, 3/4 acre plot, which leaves my plot fully exposed to the elements. The other plot has a hedge one side, plus shelter from various buildings and established trees. But, with that, the threat of pigeons, deer and rabbits will no doubt increase, so I'll have to start afresh fencing in a big chunk of the plot.

I really can't decide what to do. I think the sensible option may be to take the full plot, but keep my current 1/3rd plot, shifting everything I can over the course of the year. I may have to have another chat with the bloke from the association to see if that's a viable option.


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