Give, and ye shall receive.

At work, we get a lot of stock delivered from all around the continent on pallets, which we struggle to get rid of. A couple of local old boys come round and collect the standard Euro sized ones, which they presumably sell on. Most however are odd sizes, which neither of them ever seem to […]


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Sweet Potato Number 1

Growing sweet potatoes is proving to be an interesting experience. I started two tubers off in water way back in February. They took an age to show any sign of life and, initially, just one seemed to be growing. Eventually, the second one started to show shoots. Then, a couple of weeks ago, the one […]


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Sweet potato growing progress – 6 weeks in.

The way in which plants germinate never ceases to amaze me. Tomatoes spring up virtually overnight. The melon seedlings I’ve got growing on the windowsill launched into life at a staggering pace, then slowed to a crawl the second their first leaves had developed.


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Growing frustration

Still not onto my plot and my stress level is beginning to rise as a result. The weather has definitely broken and I’m beginning to get more than a little nervous that the weeds on the plot will have had a major head start by the time I get to turn my first spade full […]


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Sweet success?

It’s funny, but just a few hours after posting pictures of this morning’s snow, it’s now turned into a gloriously sunny afternoon. When I bought my flat, I picked it particularly because the main windows are south facing. This means I have the advantage of thermal heat from the sun and this afternoon, the winter […]


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In at the deep end.

I’m not exactly bursting with gardening experience. I’m a director for the management company at the flats where I live, so have spent the last year tending the lawns, weeding, etc. As a kid, my parents had ambitions to go self-sufficient and I used to help out with the gardening and growing. I also spent […]


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