It finally happened.

Back in October, after a succession of phone calls, I finally managed to track down the secretary of the local allotment association. After a brief chat, he requested that I send a letter formally requesting a plot, which I duly did, then sat back and waited for a response.

Several months passed and I started to wonder whether my letter ever arrived with him. I kept thinking about giving him a call to check, but had mislaid the number and life got in the way of me trying in earnest to track it down again.

Last night, I did my usual Friday post work routine of heading in to Tesco then home to switch off for the weekend. Checked the answerphone during the evening and found that it has finally happened - the allotment association secretary had left a message saying he was about to write to me to let me know I have a plot!

I'm now filled with a mixture of excitement and fear. The prospect of a summer soaking up the sun, getting a ton of exercise and reaping the rewards in the shape of free organic vegetables is a very attractive one - but, at the same time, I'm a bit nervous about what will greet me when I do finally get to see the state of my plot!


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