Growing frustration

Still not onto my plot and my stress level is beginning to rise as a result. The weather has definitely broken and I'm beginning to get more than a little nervous that the weeds on the plot will have had a major head start by the time I get to turn my first spade full of earth. I've also booked a couple of days holiday in 10 days time with the intention of getting the plot in shape. At this rate, I'm wondering if I'll have to cancel them.

Hadn't heard back from the allotment company secretary after leaving a message last weekend, so called again last night. Ended up speaking to his answerphone again, so left a message asking him to return my call. I can fully appreciate he's probably busy, but find it frustrating that he's not returned my call as I'm one of those people who can't help but get involved in things. If he's that busy he hasn't the time to call, I'd be happy to take on a few duties by way of thanks for providing me with a plot. But I can't do that until they get me onto one!

My list of seed requirements is gradually getting fulfilled. I went to Tesco last night and, whilst I was there, bought a few more packs - strawberries, melons, lettuce and swede. As I went though the checkout, the lady commented that they were expensive. I replied that I hadn't even checked the price, to which she responded that I probably don't want to! Just checked my receipt and have spent just short of 8 quid on 4 packs. Can't believe they're that steep. Well, I can, just can't believe I fell for Tesco's usual ploy of putting tempting but overpriced lines in places where people will impulse buy. Could have bought 12 packs for that price at Wilkos.

Also took delivery of a couple of Horseradish "thongs" during the week. The pack says to plant them "In Spring", which I find particularly unhelpful. When exactly is spring? Looks like it might be now but, equally, we're still having major frosts and it still wouldn't surprise me if we had more snow.

Sowed some tomatoes in pots recently, which are yet to show any signs of germinating, but have now got a windowsill full of other stuff in various stages of growth. My comfrey now looks set to take over the flat if I don't get to transplant it soon. The sweet potatoes I'm trying to slip have started to develop some nice roots, but no signs of any shoots yet.

May just have to indulge myself with a bit more potting of seeds later, to help abate the rising stress from not being able to get onto the plot.


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