The big build up.

Another great day today. Had to work, but the weather was great and every time I got the chance to go outside, I didn't want to go back in again. I'm also starting to feel like I don't want to be at work as it's time wasted when I could be on my plot.

During the course of the day, both my shed and polytunnel turned up, so it's all systems go for the end of the week. I've also ended up buying a 20 litre jerry can so I can carry water from the allotment pump, a few buckets, one of which I'll use to transplant my horseradish into, and a set of load stops for the roof bars on my Land Rover.

The latter got their first use after work, as I loaded up some pallets and took them down to the plot to build my first compost heap from. I say first, as I think I'll probably end up with at least 3.

It was beautifully peaceful down on the plots just before sunset, with the birds singing and a real feeling that spring has finally arrived. After dumping the pallets on the plot, I just ambled around for 10 minutes or so, loving being there doing nothing in particular rather than stuck at home in my flat. Got to meet one of the allotment cats, but it was a bit wary and half feral. Apparently, the allotment society keeps a few cats on the plot which they feed and care for purely in the hope that they'll keep the mice under control.

Next door's tenant seems to have started putting in posts around his plot, which it looks like he's going to fence in with wire mesh. It seems a wise move, but I'm not sure how I feel about doing the same with mine. No doubt that'll change sharpish if I do start having issues with the rabbits and/or deer.

Just one more day of work now then 4 days undisturbed time on the plot. I can't wait. I'm going to bring some more pallets home tomorrow evening, so hopefully I can have a shed, polytunnel and compost heap in place before the 4 days are up.


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  1. thisjadedsoul - April 15, 2013

    i totally agree with u mucker, once on the allotment doing what one does i dont want to leave and go do the daily chores of of life.
    Its so peacefull and free.

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