Sweet success?

It's funny, but just a few hours after posting pictures of this morning's snow, it's now turned into a gloriously sunny afternoon. When I bought my flat, I picked it particularly because the main windows are south facing. This means I have the advantage of thermal heat from the sun and this afternoon, the winter sun's so warm I've had to open the windows to bring the temperature down a bit.

It does have its advantages though. Last week I bought some Comfrey roots by post. It turned up looking a bit sorry for itself, with wilted leaves and I wasn't sure it would survive. I planted it out into a seed tray yesterday afternoon, gave it some water and stuck it on the window sill. This afternoon, I'd swear the few leaves it has have actually grown substantially. Hope the weather breaks soon, otherwise I'm going to end up with a jungle on the window sill at this rate.

Whilst checking on the Comfrey, I also had a long peer at the sweet potatoes looking for any sign of life. The good news is one of them seems to be throwing one tiny little root. If the sun stays as it is now for a few days, hopefully it's the first step towards success!

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