Any second now….

I've spent the whole week hoping I'd come home in the evening to find a letter from the allotment co. with a key for the gate and some idea of how I go about finding my plot. Nothing had materialised by this morning's post, so I dug out the letter from the secretary and re-read it, only to realise I'd missed the last paragraph about arranging to meet him on site so he can outline the plot with me. So I've just called his number to find out that he's out and about somewhere at the moment. Now just waiting for a return call when he reappears so we can arrange a time to meet up.

I can't believe I'm this close to getting my plot but, thanks to my own stupidity, having to wait still. If I'd had the sense to read the letter properly, I could be digging as I write this. Which would have been nice, seeing as the intermittent showers seem to have stopped and the sun's now providing some much needed warmth. The same warmth which no doubt is kicking all the weeds on the plot into germinating!


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